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Passion for Retail and digital revolution


Marc Arràez

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Hi! My name is Marc. I have been in the Retail industry as a consultant for the last 15 years, helping a wide variety of retailers worldwide. And, despite it, I still feel butterflies in my stomach every time I start a new engagement.


The world of Retail has always fascinated me far beyond the product. Retail is about making customers fall in love with you, your store or your brand. And this is a complex challenge that requires, apart from having a clear vision, a huge effort behind the scenes to bring that vision to each and any of the customers in a way that matters.

Now, our society is in the midst of the digital revolution. Technology has brought fast and permanent change to our lives and there is one single learning from it: we have to get used to uncertainty.

Anyway, I am convinced that the only way to successfully face this exciting scenario is based on the ability to involve people to adopt and make a proper use of the benefits of a seamless physical-digital context.


Well, these are my thoughts. And now you know where I am. Feel free to reach me to chat about any topic related to Retail.